CUTLER offers a jolt of fresh artistic ideas which are executed by its highly trained staff of energized, innovative and motivated stylists & colourists. The editorial stylists boast work that is featured in top fashion and beauty publications world wide.

Company Overview: From our every-growing presence at Fashion Week, to the pages of Vogue and to the primetime airwaves, Cutler has stayed on the pulse of the beauty and fashion world since our start over 10 years ago, and we only keep thriving! With four bustling locations, 57th Street, SoHo, our newest location at the hip Gansevoort Hotel Park Ave in New York City, and our Miami destination, the unique spaces and slick, minimalist designs have become showcases for the talented and inimitable team of hairdressers and colorists. With a distinctive staff of over a 150, along with a team of editorial stylists to cater to our celebrity and high fashion clientele, Cutler Salon is truly making its mark globally. You can even take a bit of our style home by the bottle, with our full line of hair products to keep your hair looking vibrant, sexy and healthy far after the last cut or color.

Cutler Salon Locations:

Midtown - 47 West 57th Street, NY NY 10019 - 212-308-3838
SoHo - 465 West Broadway, NY NY 10012 - 212-308-3838
Park Ave- 420 Park Ave South, NY, NY 10016- 646-380-5996
South Beach at Hotel Gansevoort 2377 Collins Ave, Miami Beach FL - 305-672-4499

Yen magazine hair by Ryan Mitchell for Cutler/Redken

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